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Police Money Matters (PMM) was founded to solely address the retirement needs of the Police Family.

PMM has developed an excellent reputation and level of trust within the Police Family throughout the UK. Through its long-standing police links and delivery of outstanding service, PMM is endorsed by:

Our aim is to ease officers into retirement by enabling them to effectively go from a full salary to a 'half salary' without changing their lifestyles from the point of retirement, up to state pension and beyond.

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Police Money Matters Road Map to Retirement

Police Retirement Seminars

PMM is proud to sponsor the Scottish Police Recreation Association Sports Awards evening, our UK Coordinator Les Gray (far right) presents the PMM Charity Award to the proud recipients.

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David Campbell

Police Retirement Seminars
David Campbell, Principal.

Steve Williams

Our Partnership
Steve Williams - Former chair of the Police Federation England & Wales

David Campbell

Introducing Police Money Matters
David Campbell, Principal.